Soundstripe License Agreement

To obtain a music license, you must obtain permission from the artist or owner of part of the copyright, including songwriters, music publishers, artists and record companies. If you are dissatisfied with your experience in using your soundstripe account and have not accessed, used content or services, or been licensed, you may require us to terminate your soundstripe account within the first 15 days of your account being created, in this case , we may, at our sole discretion, reimburse all or part of the costs (however, no refund will be guaranteed after these 15 days). On the other hand, our unique song downloads have a lifetime license, which means you can use that song in as many projects as you like – without having to re-use that song every time. The music industry does not facilitate the licensing of songs. Song ownership is often fragmented among a number of parties, and licensing agreements are complex and costly. To do this, you must obtain a sync license and a master`s license obtained by the music publisher or.dem label to be able to link the song to your video or deposit it in your podcast. (We delve into the next chapter on different types of licenses.) With a master`s degree, you can use a recorded version of a song with visual or audio media. This means you can try a track for a dubstep album or put it in a documentary about urban laundry records, but you can`t record a new version. To do that, you would need a mechanical license. If you use a copyrighted song in a theatrical performance, you need that license. Otherwise, the whole production will be much less dramatic, because there will be no music.

Super-flexible licenses and pricing. Music Vine has a TON of licensing options, individual licenses for personal projects to subscriptions for both and everything that happens in between. With all your subscriptions, you can generate unlimited licenses and start starting at $14 per month. As part of the services, Soundstripe can provide applications, plugins, executable files or other software, including documentation related to these applications, plugins, executable files or other software (together « software »). Soundstripe grants only a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use a copy of software solely for your internal purposes, in connection with access and use of the content and for the duration of your respective plan. You won`t: if you create a license, you also have to agree on the media for which you use the work. This means that you may be able to use a song on Youtube, but you must agree that you will not use it on TV, as in an advertisement. Don`t be fooled by the term « performance »: every time a song is presented publicly to the public, a public license to perform is required. This classification covers everything from music played in chic retail stores to jukeboxes in bars (where jukeboxes live these days?) to authentic concerts. For years, Music Vine has been my first choice for the purchase of individual song licenses. But with the recent release of its two subscription options, Music Vine is now king of the mountain for both one-way licenses and « all you can eat » subscriptions.

We know that the right song can make or break your project. That`s why every track in our library is tested by award-winning producers. Listen to yourself. We have a playlist with some of our best licensing games. Licenses are not uniform. Last year, I wanted to use some artlist songs for my podcast, but after talking to one of the co-founders, I learned that only a handful of songs on the platform were duly licensed for this application case.

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