Implementation Of The Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Many provisions of the CPA have not been implemented as outlined in the implementation schedule. The establishment of commissions and commissions mandated by the CPA has been delayed, including the Abyei Region De-Weeding Commission. The formation of the national unity government was delayed. Similarly, the withdrawal of troops was delayed, delaying the deployment of common integrated units. Presidential and national elections have been postponed until April 2010. Nevertheless, many provisions of the CPA were implemented at a later date. The dispute over the delimitation of borders and who had the right to vote in the Abyei referendum continued. Indeed, in May 2011, Sudan entered and occupied Abyei.2Jeffrey Gettleman and Josh Kron, « Warnings of All-Out War in Fight Over Sudan Town », New York Times, May 22, 2011,… Sudan and South Sudan had agreed to have their troops out of the disputed area by the end of September 2011.

UN peacekeeping forces have been deployed to the region to maintain peace, as the disputed area has become a focal point between North and South. 2.4 During the transition period, an independent evaluation and evaluation commission will be established to oversee the implementation of the peace agreement during the transition period. This Commission is carrying out a mid-term assessment of the unitary agreements established under the peace agreement. After the 2005 CPA, all disputes related to the implementation of the ceasefire agreement would be referred to the Presidency as a last resort to resolve disputes. The agreement contained provisions for dispute resolution regarding the implementation of the ceasefire agreement at lower levels. As expected, the Joint Military Team (JMT) should monitor, verify and report suspected violations to the appropriate Joint Military Committee (JMCJA). THE AJMC should monitor and verify alleged violations and resolve disputes. AJMC was also tasked with referring unresolved complaints to the Joint Military Ceasefire Committee (JMCC). The Political Commission for The Ceasefire (CPC) should resolve the deadlocks resulting from the implementation of the ceasefire, as reported by the CJMC, and refer unresolved blockades to the presidency.

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